A Full Length Play.



The Intersection of Personal Politics and Art

Callus explores the life of a young Black woman as her and her family experience systemic oppression in the form of inadequate health care. A health crisis forces the family to adapt their relationships, lifestyles, and mentalities in order to deal with the dilemma. The title stems from the tension between the necessity to create a barrier for self-preservation in a difficult world and the risk of distancing one’s self from others.  This story utilizes elements from my and my family's experience with the healthcare system and our day to day lives.



Callus began as an honors project and has been evolving ever since. Under my faculty advisor Jon Rossini, I initially wanted to explore two concepts: creating joyful Black art that didn't center trauma or suffering and writing vignettes about the exploitation of Black bodies in the U.S. While these are not the central ideas of the work anymore, they still have provided necessary framework for Callus. After writing a few vignettes, Rossini suggested choosing one of those stories and developing it more deeply. I chose a scene that eventually gave life to Callus. In the Spring of 2018, a 12 actor cast participated in a staged reading to share this story directed by Sarah Assaad.



The Metamorphosis



At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rose Kim approached me to further develop Callus in a Digital Guest Residency for Art Rat Theatre. From April to September of 2020, I was a part of a team that produced this full length play streaming through Zoom on Facebook Live. We accomplished this with a cast of 11 actors and a 5-person production team that spanned the nation. We also received some help from a socially conscious theatre organization that assisted us with promotion and our post-show talkbacks.  My role in this team was Playwright and Guest Resident Artist. This experience was incredibly transformative for me because it really exemplified how important it is to work with like minded creatives that can help you develop your craft, unpack your traumas, explore texts and form community. Callus, the script, has really grown and developed working with Rose Kim and the team we assembled for the Art Rat Theatre production of Callus.

Follow the link above to check out the performance recording, the official playlist, the program, "rehearsal recipes" and more from the esteemed Art Rat Theatre. Half of the donations from this production were donated to Black Women's Health Imperative. 

Featuring: Michaela Thomas, Tiffany Nwogu, Tyler Crawford, Isaiah Alexander, TJ Squire, Iyanna Jennae, Mykai Eastman, Kaylaa' White, Ahash Francis, Brooklynn Solomon, and Austin Brown

Playwright & Resident Artist: Jasmine Washington

Director: Rose Kim

Stage Manager: Jillian Young

Lighting Designer: David d'Olimpio

Scenic Designer & Video Artist: Mars Orpiano

Contributing Artist (Music): Carissa Wong

Special Thanks to Theatre for Social Change based in Davis, CA

callus promo video.

Video by Mars Orpiano

Music Credits:

LAKEY INSPIRED - Better Days -

IG - Music by @markgenerous - Orange And Pomegranate via @hellothematic

YT - Music by Mark Generous - Orange And Pomegranate -

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